March 2017

Do You Really Need A Website?

We write a lot about websites because we genuinely believe that your website can make or break your business in the digital and social age. In fact, depending on your industry, it could be the difference between boom and gloom.

Get To Know Your Profit Margins

A substantial increase in your sales is not the only way to make more profit in your business.  Business owners often focus on increasing sales to new customers but if you can improve your ‘conversion rate’ so you convert more prospects into customers, you will also see a boost in your bottom line. Here are some tips to help you increase your profit margins.

Business Start Up Corner - How To Get Your Business Off To A Flying Start

Starting a business can be a maze of research, registrations and red tape. No amount of passion can guarantee your business success but the proverb, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ serves as both great advice and a warning for new entrepreneurs.

Buying Or Selling A Business? Make Sure It's A "Going Concern"

In the excitement of negotiating a sale or purchase of a business it is easy to overlook whether the price negotiated is inclusive or exclusive of GST. Often both parties assume that business sales are GST-free without examining the ingredients of a GST-free transaction. The Australian Taxation Office created an exemption for the sales of businesses to be exempt from GST as long as the business is being sold as a ‘going concern’. 

Business Builders - Quick Tips!

Each quarter we will share a quick tip on building your business. This quarter we look at targeting your ideal customer. 

7 Ways To Increase Your Email Marketing Success Rate

Most small to medium sized enterprises operate on a tight marketing budget. Typically, there would be only one or two people handling email marketing activities as part of their roles but to get the best return on your investment you need clean and current email lists, relevant email content and some sort of tracking system to monitor the results of the campaigns. Here are seven tips to help you efficiently create, send and track email campaigns that deliver results:

Is Your Website Generating New Business? 

It wasn’t that long ago that most websites were simply electronic brochures. They listed the who, what and where of the business but times have certainly changed. Unfortunately, these types of websites no longer cut the mustard and with the evolution of the internet we have also seen a change in consumer behaviour. People now buy goods and services online including cars, holidays and whitegoods and to capitalise on this behavioural shift you need to upgrade your website from an ‘electronic brochure’ to a lead generation website.

Quick Tips For Social Media

Social Media marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand, get traffic to your website, generate leads and make sales. Each quarter we will share tips on managing your social media platforms. 

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