September 2015

4 Ways To Grow Your Business

Let’s face facts, everyone wants to grow their business. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet and fundamentally there are only four ways to grow a business. Over the next four editions of this newsletter we are going to examine each one of these factors starting with, How To Increase the Number of Customers (of the type you want).

How to Stalk Prospects who Visit Your Website

Have you ever visited a website and then found ads for that business appearing on other websites you visit? This online technique is called re-marketing and while it sounds a bit creepy, this form of online ‘stalking’ is a very effective marketing tactic. 

Franchising... Risk & Return

Franchising is certainly big business in this country with sales turnover of $144 billion. Buying any business doesn't guarantee financial success and franchises are not immune from risk. You need to be selective about your investment and in this article we look at some of the risks you should be aware of.

Business Start Up Corner

Over the years we have had hundreds of people approach us about starting a business. It’s exciting when you have that ‘light bulb’ moment that could be your ticket to financial success, however, it takes more than a great idea to create a great business. In this article we explore some of the biggest mistakes a start-up business owner can make.

Business Changes in 2015/16

There are a number of legislative changes that impact both small and medium sized businesses in 2015/16. The company tax rate cut comes into effect but there’s a range of other changes you need to be aware of 

Dealing With the ATO

It is estimated that one in fifteen small businesses fail because of inaccurate or poor record-keeping. In this article we look at several record keeping guidelines for your business which will help you when dealing with the ATO. 

Work Related Expenses & Rental Property Claims Under Scrutiny

Each year the ATO routinely cross-checks taxpayer returns with the 600 million pieces of data they receive from third parties including banks, employers, health insurers, state and federal agencies plus overseas treaty partners. This year the ATO is paying particular attention to work-related claims as well as rental property deductions.

Marketing Corner - It's Not All About You

When it comes to marketing there are certain non-negotiable guidelines that need to be followed. The golden rule is, your marketing content needs to be all about your prospects and not about you.

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