September 2016

Buying A Business & Due Diligence

Would you buy a second hand car for $20,000 without a detailed inspection by a qualified mechanic? Presumably not. Then why would you invest tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a business or franchise without a comprehensive review of the business?

Is Your Website A Billboard Or Lead Generator? 

What’s the primary purpose of your website? Unfortunately, when reviewing most websites it’s hard to tell. So many websites are simply ‘electronic brochures’ that list the who, what and where of the business. In our opinion, no matter what industry you operate in, having a website that sells, one that generates a constant stream of enquiries from prospects is critical.

Before You Buy A Business

Starting a business can be a mine field and no amount of research, passion or planning can guarantee the success of a start-up business. The risks are high which explains why so many budding entrepreneurs look to buy an existing business or franchise operation rather than start from ‘scratch’. It sounds easy but before you invest in someone else’s business you need to go through the ‘due diligence’ process. 

SuperStream Compliance Deadline Extended

The Australian Taxation Office have granted small business owners a slight reprieve to comply with SuperStream. While the compliance deadline was actually 30th June 2016, the ATO states that it recognises that some small businesses will require additional time to implement the required changes.

ATO and the 'Sharing Economy' Targets Uber & Airbnb

The Australian Taxation Office have announced they will be focusing on undeclared income derived by taxpayers from the ‘sharing economy’. The ‘sharing economy’ refers to income usually derived from buyers and sellers connecting through a facilitator (usually an app or a website). 

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